You can easily export data from Business, Contact and Opportunities modules to Excel for further manipulation.  In addition, searches performed within the Reporting Module on activity notes, calendar events and tasks can also be exported to Excel.

1. Before beginning ensure you have the correct permissions set to allow data export. For further information on managing permissions please see this article.

    Note: permissions can only be changed by the  account owner or users set as managers.

2. To define certain parameters for the data you would like to export you need to perform a search on the relevant module.  e.g. All contacts with a specific keyword tag, contacts from one type of department, businesses within a certain postcode or tasks within a defined time period.

  • If you wish to define multiple search parameters for a more specific search click on Advanced Search (under More Options) within the Business, Contact and Opportunities modules.
  • You can select as many parameters as  required to make your search specific by clicking the Add to List button  between each condition.
  • Select Execute when your search parameters  are defined.
  • You can save searches that are used  frequently for quicker access in the future.

3. Click the Export button at the top of the resulting list.

4,  This search data will be exported to Excel.