In the ‘Companies Module’ you will first encounter a graphical dashboard view which provides a quick summary and helpful statistics regarding the companies that your team is engaging. 

You will see the total number of companies within the database and how many companies have been created within the last 30, 60, or 90 days. You can also quickly see how many companies have records that have been updated within these same timeframes, view all the companies that have active opportunities and how many companies are linked to your accounting platform. 

Clicking on any part of these graphs will generate a list of companies that match the criteria created by you within ‘Company Type’.  You can review all the accounts at the entire ‘Company Level’ or by individual ‘Staff Member’.

Searching within the Company module is easy. You can find a company by typing a partial name or under ‘Advanced Search’ you can define  complex searches that can include Standard Fields, Custom Fields and Keyword Tags. 

For searches performed frequently it is a good idea to save these search criteria so they can be quickly recalled when required. 

At the top of the screen core information that is stored about the organization: Company Name, phone number, address, etc is displayed. A company can have a Company Name and a Business Name (e.g. DBA).

It is also helpful to segment ‘Companies’ by ‘Type’ so you can run quick searches by ‘Lead’, ‘Customer’, ‘Supplier’ etc. to name just a few categories. Company ‘Type’ is configured by you. 

See the graphic below which provides step-by-step directions on how to create Company Types.