To enable email functionality within Legrand CRM, you will need to obtain the outgoing email settings from your email provider. The settings are frequently referred to as SMTP settings. 

There are two alternate methods to obtaining the outgoing email server settings. 


First, if you are accessing your email on a smart phone, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Account to review the details. The information you need, might be listed. 


Second, perform an internet search, such as “SMTP Settings for Microsoft365”. The result is server name:, port 587. 

Here’s the tricky part. Each email provider typically has three ports – 465, 587, and 25 – that can be used to send outgoing email. Some ports require the tick box ‘SSL’ to be checked, others do not. You may need to try up to six combinations (sending a test email after each selection) before you have identified the correct port to use and whether SSL needs to be selected or deselected. When sending a test email, select a different email than the email associated with your CRM user login.