Email templates are a time efficient way to deal with repetitive email messages. Instead of typing similar messages over and over again, you can simply create e-mail templates and reuse them when required. Examples are: order confirmation emails, thank you emails, renewal reminder emails etc.

Please make sure your Legrand CRM e-mail configuration settings have been setup. To do so, please navigate to User Preferences à Email Configuration.

To create an E-mail Template: 

  1. Navigate to the contacts search screen and click on the Edit Email Template button.

    Legrand CRM will then pop-up window in which you can create new e-mail templates as well as edit old ones.

    Legrand CRM utilises e-mail merge codes which enable you to personalise e-mails with data stored in the CRM. Simply choose data field you would like to include and Legrand will insert the details from the CRM automatically. E.g. Contact name, email, accounting ID, business address to name a few, can all be added into the email automatically. 

    To add merge codes, select the field you would like to include from the drop-down bar, and click
    Insert selected Email Merge Code

  2. Once you have completed the template, click Save.