The Legrand Outlook AddIn v5.3 gives you the ability to synchronize all your Legrand CRM appointments to your Outlook calendar at the click of a button!

The sync operation spans a period that is 30 days in the past and 90 days in the future. Any appointments outside that range will not be transferred.

To set up the Outlook Calendar Sync:

1. Select the Calendar Settings option under the gear icon. 

2. Select which Outlook Calendar you wish to sync with Legrand CRM.

3. Select your Calendar Sync Settings. You can elect to sync every 15 or 30 minutes, or you can sync on-demand by clicking on the ‘Manual’ option.

All your Outlook appointments within the sync range will be transferred to Legrand CRM. If you have private appointments that you wish to keep out of Legrand CRM you should keep them in a separate Outlook calendar. 

4. Once you are happy with the settings, Click Save.