To win a sales opportunity, you may have to attend meetings with subcontractors, or you need to get quotes from external suppliers prior to quoting. You can keep track of all the communication relating to your opportunity. 

Activities can include telephone calls, meetings, customer visits, preparatory tasks, or  private reminders.

The activity holds the information resulting from interaction between business partners during the customer relationship life cycle. 

Add an Activity

Keeping a list of all activity by opportunity is very useful. This means that you have a history of what has happened. 

Enter the details for the activity.

  - The Title is a required field.

  -  You can attach any files to the activity eg: meeting minutes. In the detail, you can attach a picture/image eg: photos of building site.

  -  You can add user defined details by selecting 

  - Any files you attach to this activity will be listed for you to view. 

  - You can add text relating to the activity. If you insert a picture, it will appear in the text.

 When you are happy with your selection, click on Save.