An opportunity is a potential sale or revenue generating event which should have a budget and a time frame. The opportunity works through a series of stages prior to becoming a successful deal.

Each opportunity will have a defined Sales Cycle based on your company systems.   You can progress the opportunity as it passes through each stage of the Sales Cycle to keep a visual track on your sales pipeline.


Define the stages of your Sales Cycle:

1. Click on Define Stages to customize your Sales Cycle.  You can rename and/or add/remove as many stages as you wish based on your company systems.

Add an Opportunity:

You can add a new opportunity in multiple ways:


1. From within the Business tab - click on the + in the opportunies box

2. From within the Contacts tab - either click on the + in the opportunities box or click on Opportunity in the Create New menu on the left hand side.

3. From within the Opportunities tab - click on the + on the right hand side

To view an opportunity

From within the Opportunities tab you can select whether you would like to view opportunities assigned to one individual or all opportunities.  Please note that this is dependent upon permissions, while a Manager may be able to see all opportunities, a Sales Person may only be able to view the opportunities they have added.

You can either bring up a list of all opportunities in one stage of the Sales Cycle or perform a more specific search with defined parameters.

You can also view opportunities for a specific company or contact from within the Companies or Contacts tab

Once you drill down into a specific opportunity you can Edit the opportunity, progress or regress the opportunity stage, close off the opportunity, set a calendar event or task or define the next action required.