Security management is key to ensuring the protection of your data. Within an organization, roles are created for various job functions. The permissions to perform certain operations are assigned to specific roles. Users are assigned a particular role. A user is a staff member who needs to view the records. The user role permissions are defaulted and can be changed. Access to the functions is determined by the owner or administrator.This person can have access to all these functions or has limited access depending on the organization set up.


1.Click on the gear icon   > Users

The role of owner is applied to you. As the owner you have full access and permissions plus access to the account and Billing information. Your first role is allocate who will have access to LegrandCRM.


2.Click on   and enter the details of the user you wish to invite.

 Select the type of user role, which will create default permissions, and then click on  .


 Read Only

A user with read only access will only be able to view records within your account.


Standard User

The most common user type will be standard. Users within this type will have full read/write permissions. Other permissions can be enabled by the manager or owner to allow additional access to functionality. 



Manager users will have full access to all functionality. This includes the ability to manage and add account users. They have no access to account/billing information.



The owner user will be the user who created the Legrand Online account. Only one owner user will exist per account. This user type includes full functionality to manage users as well as maintain account/billing information. The owner can override all the permissions set.


3.LegrandCRM needs you to confirm that the user email details are correct.

 If you are happy with the email invitation, click on . This will send an email invitation to the selected user.



4. You will now see all the user invitations listed in the Pending Invitations. You have the option to Delete or Resend the invitation. 




5. Your user will receive this email which they need to respond to.




 To accept the invitation, they select Click here.

6.On clicking the link they will see this welcome screen...
They should click the 'Create New User' link

their first and last name details will default to the values you initially entered, but can be changed if they wish.They will need to enter and confirm a password, confirm their acceptance of the Terms Of Use and then click 'Proceed'  to gain immedaite access to the system.




7. As the owner or manager, you now see the user listed as active. The user has been set up with the default permissions for a standard user.