The Tabs(modules) across the top of the page can be changed to meet your unique business requirements. For instance, some companies prefer 'sales pipeline' to 'opportunities'. A non-profit might prefer to use 'donors' instead of 'contacts'. Many prefer 'customers' to 'contacts'. Whatever language is specific to your company, it is easy to customize your Legrand CRM to reflect it.

1.Click on the gear icon   > Module Names

2. In the 'Module Names' edit page, the default names of the modules are listed - Companies, Contacts, Opportunities and Calendar - as well as Jobs if you have selected the Professional Plan

3.Check 'Specify Module Names' and enter the customized name you want for each module. The first field is singular, and the second field is plural.

4.Continue to make the module name changes as desired for each module and "Save".

5.At the top of the page, you will now see that the module names have changed to reflect the language your organization has assigned.

You can change back to the defaults by checking the ‘Use default names’ or rename the modules as necessary.