LegrandCRM allows you to import your contacts and companies in bulk from a .CSV formatted file.

CSV file Import

1.  To import your .CSV file, select the Gear Icon   > Import Data 

2. You can check that your file is in the correct format by comparing it to the samples provided. 

3. Select the file you wish to upload

4. Map Fields:  In this step you must map the fields from your .csv file to the fields that you are using in Legrand Cloud CRM.

5. Once you are satisfied with this select Next, this will take you to review data tab. Here you will be given to opportunity to review the data before it is imported into Legrand Cloud. At this point you may go back and fix any issues or select Next to move forward.

6. Duplicate checking step will either import your records and produce a summary of duplicate files, or it will confirm that you wish to overwrite the duplicate data it has detected.