The Contacts module screen shows an overview of your contacts

Here you can add a contact using the  +, or search on various fields

Say for example, you have received from a missed call from a mobile number and wish to find who had tried to contact you. You can narrow down your search by selecting More options...

Legrand Cloud CRM also incorporates a very powerful advanced search option, which allows you to create custom searches using AND/OR conditions, over various modules. These searches can be saved for your convenience.

For example, this search will return mobile numbers with 123 or 001 contained within them

Select the And/Or criteria in your new search. Use the drop down box to make your selections for Field name, Condition and Value. When you have made you selection, add it to list

Your custom search can be saved for future use. Add the name of the search in the search name field. If you want other users to use your custom search,  check the is shared box

I saved the above search as whocalled and now it can be accessed from the drop down arrow for saved search area on the contacts screen