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QuickBooks Desktop integration

will you link QuickBooks desktop with Legrand Cloud?

Further to this does QB online integrate with Legrand Desktop?

Hi Terry,

The synchronization application to link QuickBooks Desktop with Legrand CLoud CRM is available for testing from 22-Feb.

We are looking for volunteers, aka beta sites, to help us test the integration on real data.

Are you interested in being a test site?

What it involves:-

* install Legrand Accounting Sync on the computer that has the QB desktop data

* specify a Cloud CRM account that you want to link to your QB Desktop data

* the sync service can be configured to run automatically every nn minutes but for testing purposes we recommend just doing some manual syncs

* What will sync from QB Desktop to Legrand Cloud CRM

      + QB customer contacts

      + Products and Services lists

      + Customer invoices

* What is transferred from Cloud CRM to QB Desktop:

      + new Customers. (Note: in CRM you need to mark each contact+company that you want to create in QB Desktop)


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